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November 20, 2013 • 4 notes | comments

It is not exactly pleasant to wake up one day and find out that:
- a perfect dream is literally as it is… a dream;
- you have dry, flaky legs on a supposedly decided “dress day”;


Add to that the amount of effort you spent last night trying to put the whole outfit together. Hay! Not that I’m surprised, it’s always been one of my trivial fresh-from-bed dilemmas especially during these times that Manila is finally getting colder. So for pretty legs and if you’re like me who gets genuinely excited over new additions in my bathroom cabinet, here’s something new to try – Pasjel Sweet Sugar Scrub!


Pasjel is a skincare brand from Thailand whose popularity on Instagram will make everyone and their beauty-aficionado grandmothers curious. They have creams for the usually problematic parts of the body and also for the overall skin maintenance like the one I have.


Sweet Sugar Scrub and I, because of it, didn’t click in an instant. First, I expected it to be bigger because for a hardcore body scrub fan, I know I’ll be needing more soon (well, sooner in this case). Then the avocado ice cream-appeal, how much artificial coloring does it contain? And third, exfoliating beads are there but not enough numbers for my liking. ME WANT MORE BEADS! ☺


But after about 3 good uses, I realized I had no difficulties with it at all. If I’m faced with the problem above, I reach for arguably the most delicious thing in my shower (as of the moment, ask me again next week), this scrub! And just like that, my sense of smell fell in love again. It has fruity-floral notes that are oh so sweet and gentle. I wouldn’t mind bringing the scent with me all day, err day.


The green base is rich and creamy and though it tends to be mild in the scrubbiness department, a good hit of moisture is thrown in that I don’t feel bound to apply body lotion afterwards. I wouldn’t say it really lathers up as such but it does generate slight white foam (thankfully it’s not green, how weird could it be?) when you polish it on; it’s not like any other scrubs I own.


I mainly use it on the body, which is what it’s meant for after all, but due to its tenderness, I don’t really see any problem with using it on the face. Tender yet effective dead skin-stripper, I think that is what Pasjel is going for, and they delivered. Highly recommended! ☺

PRICE: Php850
WHERE TO FIND: Shadz Online Shop


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