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June 27, 2013 • 0 notes | comments

FIRST THOUGHTS: “Can’t believe water can be this bad-ass… over makeup.”

Hope it’s okay that I’m skipping the “importance of removing makeup” yada-yada in this post as you prolly have more than a fair share of that if you peruse my blog regularly. Otherwise if you came from Google Universe and landed here for the first time, I think you’re knowledgeable about the topic as well because after all, you searched for it and found me. BTW, welcome!


Busy modern women who, in spite their crazy workloads and crazier after-work parties, can’t call it a night without proper makeup removal deserve a tap on the back. So go on and give yourself one if you’re one of us… I just did. ☺ Anyway, that may sound too heroic but the deed is really simple nowadays when there are makeup removers that don’t require face washing afterwards. No excuses this time as I’m sure even someone beating a deadline can spare 5 minutes for her skin, especially when it’s already calling for it. Skin needs a breather too, you know?


Bifesta Cleansing Lotion has four variants to cater every skin needs: Moist - dry and sensitive skin; Bright Up – for brightening; Age Care – mature/aging skin and Sebum (which is what I have here) – oily/combination skin. This cleansing lotion housed in quite large pump-up bottle is an incredibly gentle water-based solution yet very effective in removing makeup and cleansing the face. It has quickly reached must-have status for me (to think I just picked it up on a whim) and let me tell you why…


To wipe off my face, eye and even lip makeup, I use generously-soaked cotton pads to remove everything, about 2-3 pads for a full makeup. It removes foundation and the most stubborn matte lipsticks in an absolute breeze; however you have to be patient with it on waterproof mascaras/eyeliners. Remember it’s just water-based but if you leave the saturated pads on your eyes for around half a minute that would do the trick.


The best part of this cleanser is that it leaves my skin clean while feeling refreshed sans the tightness and dryness. I still do the good ol’ rinse afterwards because I have to (dermatologist requirement) but again, you can opt not to. It looks and feels just like water, except the smell which greatly reminds me of buko juice, and the ingredients is so mild that the chance to break me out is remote.


Not the most inexpensive cleanser as it hit Php400-range and can only last for 1-1.5 months in my rate, but since I’m enjoying this so much, I can honestly see myself buying Bifesta again, and again (maybe in other variants, I’m intrigue with the brightening one). I definitely recommend this for fuss-free, handy and perfect end-of-day makeup remover/toner/setting spray/mist. ☺

PRICE: Php419
WHERE TO FIND: Bifesta Philippines (Watsons)

How do you remove your makeup?
xx, Kim

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