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April 14, 2013 • 3 notes | comments

FIRST THOUGHTS: “Archie and the whole gang will approve!”

Disclaimer: By the time this review goes live, the lippies (or the whole collection) will have prolly been sold out, sorry darlings. As an Archie Comics fangirl, I was really anticipating its MAC collaboration way waaay back when it’s nothing but a rumor. So although these two were not an impulse buy, the purchase was based totally on the packaging. I just know I will need one of everything then, may it be an Archie Andrews’ Hair-colored lipstick, or any Betty-Veronica-inspired items, I will not even pass on a Jughead-whatever…


Then comes the confirmation, the collection will be MAC Archie’s Girls, focusing on Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge – OMG, OMG! Items in character-fitting colors that stay true to the comics? Check. Adorable yet appropriate shade names that shout Betty and Veronica? Check. Oh so cute packaging that collectors like me will be crazy about? Check, check, check! Let’s do this! Attack!


The lipsticks are the star of the collection (according to online reviews), and the pretty blushes caught my attention as well but the swatches are too light for my liking, so I ended up picking Betty Bright and Ronnie Red lipsticks. The tube features the two Riverdale girls in glossy white casing exclusive for the collection. I mean look at it. JUST… LOOK AT IT. The cardboard box they came in is also a treasure; I think I’ll have a hard time parting with it for like ever.


Let’s talk about the shades:

MAC Betty Bright Lipstick is described as a “light vibrant peach” with a satin finish. This is a soft, romantic, pink-leaning peach color with a subtle shine (such a flood of adjectives, eh?). I decided that Betty Bright was the color that was most up my street as I can see myself sporting it on a day-to-day basis and it complements “barely there” look really well.


Satin may be my favorite finish of lipstick as it has a matte look with a creamy feel. Betty Bright is no exception; it delivers a creamy texture without falling short on color pay-off. This averages around the four/five-hour mark with minimal transfer (give or take the amount of milk teas I gulped or the siopaos I gobbled – my current food obsessions!).


Described as a “bright red” with a matte finish, MAC Ronnie Red Lipstick is something I consider as an easy-kind of red. It goes like a cheerful pop of quite pink on the lips yet still has enough richness and intensity to make it sexy. So it’s not too intimidating and you can incorporate it easily (and comfortably) into your go-to look.


This one is surprisingly soft on first application (considering it’s matte), but I do find it quite drying after sustained use. Which I’m okay with because I think it’s the reason why this baby is really loooooooong wearing (the number of Os corresponds to the number of hours this stays on, go count it!). And that’s speaking without any aid of primers/liners.


As much as I want to recommend these, I doubt if you can still get a hold of them now. So if you happen to spot a lipstick from the MAC Archie’s Girls in the counter… hallelujah and go snatch it immediately! You’ll never know if the girl beside you is just waiting for you to put it down. Trends come and go but some things like Archie Comics are keepers. Awesome, my childhood was awesome!

PRICE: Php1,000-1,200
WHERE TO FIND: MAC Stores (but I got mine at Carefreeshopper)

Have you tried these? Or anything from this collection?
xx, Kim

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