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Does my blog look a little unusual to you this afternoon? Well, I sure hope so! The design went live just a few minutes ago and I am so ridiculously excited about it. I thought what better way to ring in the New Year than with a new blog design – Happy New Year, Chinese Friends! Happy Blog Revamp, dear readers! ☺

The talented Jul of Mole Stories and I have been working on the design for a while now. It’s not 100% done yet, thanks to my fickle-mindedness. Ha, check out my tagline for proof… I love that it’s cleaner, easier to navigate and has cooler tidbits. But just a word of caution, everything appears normal on this end, but it’s possible that we missed something. If you find some broken links and what not, please please let me know.

xx, Kim

  1. teesh-oh said: Love the blog makeover!!! :)
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