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October 24, 2012 • 6 notes | comments

FIRST THOUGHTS: “Blown away by the vibrancy and all these craziness!”

I’ve seen a handful of reviews and swatches of this palette already but I was instantly blown away still when I saw it not on screen. With undeniable vibrancy and crazy color mash-up, there’s no sound reason to not give this a try. It’s my weakness after all. ☺

So basically Sleek i-Divine Acid Palette is a combination of matte and shimmery eye shadows with four neon/fluorescent shades that make them distinct. I believe it won’t work for everyone and it caters to a very specific audience. But a dose of color once in a while will not hurt, and if you want to test the waters of bright makeup, this is great for starters.

Packaging-wise, as always, it’s “sleek”. Their SOP is to give us a sturdy and functional case where everything we need is inside that black case – big mirror, nice applicator. There is diversity in color pay-off and texture. Some shades are superb, some are never mind – shimmers definitely outperformed the mattes here. Fun fact: I read that the neons glow under black/UV light! How cool is that?!

Here are some lowdowns on this palette: (1) The colors in Acid Palette don’t come with names, so the names on the description below are based on how I perceived them to be. (2) The matte shades, especially the neon ones, are somewhat tricky to work with. Read my individual shade review below…

Deep Pink with Purple Shimmers – one of my fave in this palette. Smooth texture, blends well and awesome pigmentation.

Matte White – this one is rather chalky and has so-so pigmentation. Not the best matte white eye shadow I own!

Neon Yellow – a buildable matte color that pops really bright with a primer, though on its own the payoff is just okay.

Neon Orange – looks hella intense but I tend to pack on the color a few times to mirror the color in the pan. Pretty color but primer is a must.

Frosty Midnight Blue – easy to apply and has really good color payoff. It also has lots of shimmers, fyi.

Sea Blue with Silver Sheen – texture is a little chunky maybe because of the shimmers but again, superb pigmentation.

Matte Purple – similar texture with the neons (also matte), but more pigmented. The color gets stronger with a base.

Satin Moss Green – smooth, pigmented and goes on pretty well. Another favorite as the color is kinda unique.

Neon Pink – beautiful Barbie pink color, but you have to put in some work to make it pop. Loads of primer plus dab-dab-dab!

Neon Green – just like how any other neons roll, you know the drill: primer, pack on the color, and voila! NEOOOON!

Gun Metal Gray – gives off beautiful metallic finish and has one of the best textures in this palette. I’ll give this an A+!

Matte Black – I love this black! No complains on this shade except it doesn’t look as black in the swatch below as in real life. Oh yeah, not its fault.

One layer without any base/primer swatches. I know these look rather disappointing but don’t be turned-off immediately, they perform 10x better with a primer, NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils are a good bet. You can check out the thousand and one swatches of this palette online to see for yourself. ☺

To be honest, I have yet to wear this outside. With a lone reason of: “I’m waiting for the right occasion”. However, expect a showcase of looks using Acid here soon. ☺

PRICE: Php650
WHERE TO FIND: Updated Trends

Neon eyes, will you do it?
xx, Kim 

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