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March 8, 2012 • 8 notes | comments

FIRST THOUGHTS: “New found love; Eureka Product!”


This purchase was based on the recommendation of a Makeup Student friend. I asked her opinion on MAC Blot Powder since it was on top of my list but she suggested this product instead. “Not only a comparable alternative, but a more affordable one” to quote.


Neutral Set Colorless Face Powder comes in a twist top shaker bottle. Convenient, hygienic, and allows me to use only what I need and not waste product. TIP: Put a piece of tape over the holes except for two or three of them, to avoid boo-boo spills. I do think the packaging could be improved though, much better if it came in a jar like mineral powders so that you could tap off any excess.


This face powder is a fantastic product from the brand Ben Nye, and it has been my major savior from scorching Manila’s heat these past few weeks. So hot, it literally isn’t “more fun” anymore. My makeup would otherwise melt or wash off within minutes of application without this powder.


The name states that it does not give any amount of coverage. I dust it lightly over my final look, to set my makeup. No color, no smell and leaves behind no traces of existence other than a wonderfully set final look that lasts all day. No need worry about walking around all day with a giant T on your face.


Overall, I am more than satisfied with this product and would definitely give it two thumbs up. I must say that it is a blessing for those with oily skin and one of the best invention for someone like me living in Manila where humidity is unbearable. ANG INEEET!!!

PRICE: Php750 
WHERE TO FIND: Ben Nye / Kalm Cosmetics

Any favorite setting powder?
xx, Kim

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