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You know what they say; good makeup brushes are imperative for great overall application.  And in that light, it must follow that a brush cleaner is a product none of us should ever be without. It will help you get the most out of your “investment” – aka the Stippling Brush that’s worth two grand – as far as both the actual usage and its longevity. 


My brushes seem to last indefinitely; my oldest bunch are as soft and springy as the day I got them. The trick? Try to clean each tool daily as you use it, and perform a more thorough soap-and-water cleaning regularly (usually every weekend). Sounds easy-peasy? It’s not.

You have to deep wash, disinfect, and let them dry (which can take up more than 12 hours for me). And you have to remember that synthetic bristles don’t go well with warm water. AND you have to have backups for tomorrow’s use while they dry. And and, it’s quite a hassle okay? There I said it!


Whoah, chill lady! Good thing the few spritzes and wipe-off in a tissue wonder that is Spot Brush Cleaners were invented in this lifetime, right? Philippines, we have two local options of this (maybe more) available within our reach. And since I’ve always loved comparing items that are supposed to do the same job, I’ll tell you which one I like better and why, what Ellana Makeup Brush Cleaner and J&C Super Clean Solutions have in common and where they are different. Let’s get started…

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Brrrr! I don’t know how you’re finding Manila’s temperature these past couple days, but it was a tad bit chill-inducing for me every moment I step out the door. The gloomy skies and strong winds last Tuesday were not enough reasons to stall the La Tentation de Nina Launch though, the celebration for the newest chapter in Nina Ricci’s incredible tale was a success! 


Now allow me to take you as my plus-one to the event… virtually


Prestige Brands threw a “new fragrance release party” in a form of an intimate afternoon tea for bloggers in Manila. It was held at Poetry and Prose Patisserie, a gorgeous venue to match the new pink apple-shaped bottle under Nina’s exquisite umbrella. 


For the first time, Nina invites us to enter into a tantalizing swirl of sweet indulgence, awakening desire and calling to the senses. Like a forbidden fruit, La Tentation de Nina reveals a highly addictive, fresh floral-fruity eau de toilette.

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