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I sooo meant to put this post up straightaway after the first installment but then you know how it usually goes – I’ve checked every other priorities but the “update the blog!” Anyhoo, if the inconsistent quality of the pink shades of Beauty UK lipsticks closed some doors and left you disappointed, then this batch brings redemption – the brand sure did an amazing job with their Reds and Plums.


For more info about Beauty UK lipsticks, please click here. I already talked about the packaging, formulas and other yada-yada, so I’ll just continue from there (and might contradict myself while doing so)… With this batch, think of an extreme pop of vibrant, loud colors, outrageous pigmentation, creamy texture, decent lasting power and minty flavor. *throws confetti in the air* Perfect for when you fancy making the lips take the center stage – no sleep last night or bad hair day? Swipe these on and no one will notice; you might even fish a compliment! ☺


Look who’s raving now, what could have brought the sudden change in the air? Because I’m one biased and wicked lady who thinks darks are always better, right favorite antagonist Madam Maleficent?  Kidding aside, huge factor is the fact that I got 4/5 wet variants this time and the shades are all gorgeous and still true to tubes (top-part), making them easy to classify if you choose to collect a few. 

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There is no shortage of reasons why I love Korean cosmetics brand, Etude House. It’s the source of the latest makeup trends in Asia, the place to go for the cutest (and effective) prettifying items, plus their staffs call me princess every time I walk into the pink store. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. 


And now, in celebration of mothers and families in May, Etude House Philippines is holding a fun run dubbed as “Etude Princess Run.” It features 3K, 5K and 10K categories that will fire off on… wait, let me walk you through this event’s highlights first. 


By all accounts it was a lights, camera, action moment at Olive Tree Kitchen and Bar last April 1 for the press conference of the said event. They invited press and bloggers to get the word out there about the good cause of putting your running shoes out for a spin.

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