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September 30, 2014 • 2 notes | comments

On my left is a pile of press releases waiting to be written about; on my right are work-related things anticipating my complete attention; and inside this wonderful technology are emails from everyone who’s everyone. Yet instead of doing any of those three, I’m browsing Nordstrom coupon codes, among many others, and making an imaginary shopping bag filled with things I (perhaps) don’t need but (genuinely) do want… for my birthday maybe? 

It’s almost here; I’m almost 25! One of my favorite traditions when we can finally smell October again is to list anything – this is the time I usually go all out – I want to get for myself as I turn another year older. Because right after passive investment dues, insurance for everything and other #grownupproblems, I suppose warranted that final click on the checkout button.

In that vein, let me channel that celebrant’s aura tonight with some picks that go well with, hmmm, midlife crisis? And how they will really up my last stretch of 2014 game.


NuMe Titan 3 and Silhoutte – absolute necessities now that I have a cut I haven’t worn since 5th grade, and the site always runs flash sale moments that I need to seize. // Lancome Cils Booster – I just discovered the impact of fiber primers and this seems to be the favorite of majority. The question is: who wouldn’t go for the extra centimeter (of lashes)? // Foreo Luna Mini – these silicone minis are looking as splendid as they can be and I have a feeling that the results they give are equally so. // Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette – other than “I could get lost in those swirls,” this doesn’t need any intros. // Glamglow Clearing Treatment – this replicates a professional facial with just a quick application and waiting time, and I have warm and fuzzies towards anything clearing. // Lipstick Queen Sinner (actual shade is not decided yet) – Holy hot bullet of lipstick. The secret? The brand is called “queen” for a lot of good reasons. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream 2014 Collection (especially Prague, Copenhagen, and Transylvania) – dark, bold, and dangerous. Not really how I describe myself in three words but I love the sound of those on my lips. Lang Leav’s Love & Misadventure and Lullabies – signed copies please, thank you very much.

My family and friends, especially my mom, would gasp in horror once they saw another makeup item on my wishlist. But a girl can dream woman can hustle (uy, mature!) to have her hands on every beauty products, shoes, or the world she desires! For the meantime let’s (meaning us thriving 20-somethings) start scouting websites for the best promotions and deals. Thank you Internet gods for making coupons a thing of the 21st century!

Active coupon codes (as of publish date):

NuMe: FBDEAL; for Nordstrom coupon codes, check here.

What’s in your MISB? Any cooler Holiday 2014 items I should add to mine?

P.S. Make sure to greet me on the 3rd! 


September 27, 2014 • 3 notes | comments

Yes Internet, I’m blatantly using this see-through top to get your attention – but I bet you didn’t even notice that given my “short and red” hair transformation has finally made its debut here! Some of you already have seen some sneak peeks on Instagram, but blessed are those who take time to read as you are about to get the blow-by-blow, nitty gritty details of this total life-changing experience.


It’s as if the universe knew that a makeover for my color-virgin, always-long hair was long overdue, because last week JuRo Salon Exclusif invited me to a session of Bespoke Hairstyling. Their philosophy is that each person’s unique hair texture, face shape, skin complexion, and lifestyle all play a role in what hairstyle suits them best. When you have your hair cut and colored by Jude Hipolito and Rose Velasco, you get a style custom-made for you and you alone.


Their salon, located at Kensington Place, BGC, is bright, cozy and by far the best kept secret of that part of the buzzing metro. Well, not really a “secret” as they are boasting of a wide range of discerning clients here and abroad, including stars if I may add. Ms. Dina Bonnevie was seated diagonally across from me that day! #starstuck


First things first, the dynamic duo is not your average hairstylists. Jude’s precision cuts and styling, and Rose’s genius color concoctions are practically works of art in themselves. What ensued on my visit was three hours of total hair revolution bliss… and the ball started rolling when Jude CHOPPED. TWELVE. INCHES. OFF. MY. HAIR.

Not before asking me what I wanted and what I was ready to do, of course.

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