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August 30, 2014 • 4 notes | comments

Happy Sabado Night, people with beautiful hearts! Well, well, well, look who’s on a pleasant mood tonight… that’s because after eight long months of virtual beauty blabbering sans this blog series, my EOTD posts are finally making a comeback! Now if that doesn’t call for a proper celebration, at least let my enthusiasm pierce from my screen to yours. Feelin’ it, yeah? Feelin’ it?!

Ahh, eye makeup! Seeing I just featured Revlon’s Precocious Palette – see review here, I thought I’d challenge my rusty skillz (nope, that’s not a typo) and use all its colors plus more at once. My other palettes and pigments were also feeling unloved ever since the hiatus, so why not pop them open as well and get experimenting.


I haven’t had a notion about where this look is going when I started (told yah I needed practice), but since the base colors reminded me of cozy sweaters, warm drinks, and crunchy and color-changing leaves, FALL kinda happened at the end.


As you can tell from the snaps of my eyeball, I let the season’s colors speak for themselves, using pinks from neon to barely-there to complement them. Aren’t the shades looking so fun? Bummer that my camera didn’t capture the hint of neon pink I put too much effort to make “pop”, however I still feel good about it overall.

What do you think? Decent pretty enough for a comeback?

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August 26, 2014 • 6 notes | comments

NATURAL or SYNTHETIC? I have a reasonably well-balanced arsenal of makeup brushes with natural bristles and synthetic ones, but you might wonder why anyone would bother buying synthetics when all our lives we were taught that natural – in every angle – is always better. Well, let me channel my inner Myth Buster and debunk the falsehood about synthetic stereotypes once and for all. 


For a start and for the sake of your eco-friendly values, synthetic brushes are always cruelty-free. They are also typically softer, work much better with cream products (have you ever used a cream blush with a natural brush? Que horror!), tend to be easier to wash and quicker to dry, and they hold their shape better after cleaning. 


Now, do I need to continue my Pro-Synthetic Speech? I learned to recognize that synthetic bristles are not at all inferior and hope that you do too – but first things first, what do I think about this unnatural line, Everyday Minerals?

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