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October 17, 2014 • 3 notes | comments

Have you vividly transformed your hair color recently? Gone from a natural dark to ashy, or from blonde to a bright color – let’s say RED? Then you might have noticed (or will eventually do) how different your usual makeup and overall skin look. There’s a new hue framing your face, thus it follows that a little difference is bound to happen. So if you find yourself in need of a color-chart refresher, embrace the opportunity; it’s fun to experiment and see how you can rock new colors in your arsenal… or possibly evade some.


Since dyeing my hair different shades of red a month ago, the first concern I encountered was that my eyebrows seemed out of place – it’s almost-black, thick, and the crazy amount of brow products I own could only do so much to match my new do. It’s crucial to balance the eyebrows with your hair color, old or new; the universal rule of thumb is: if hair is light, keep brows one shade darker and if hair is dark, keep brows one shade lighter. 


Matching the two exactly is never the goal; remember you want color variation. Too much red hair on one face looks a bit silly anyway as that rarely happens in real life. And I learned this lesson the hard way. Sticking to the basics keeps everything as natural as they should be, like I know I’m a fake redhead but at least I know how to look the part.

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October 13, 2014 • 4 notes | comments

Don’t worry Internet friends, I haven’t completely dropped off the radar, but simply threading through deadlines after deadlines and other stuff a 25-year old woman face everyday. YES!!! I turned quarter of a century 10 days ago – thank you for all you sweet greetings, and in an attempt to slowly situate things (blogging things) back to where they actively used to be, I’m sharing to you now what I wore to that casual dinner celebration.


Get it? 2-5, 25? Anyway, it was love-at-first-sight scenario with this “love” pullover from ForMe and it has become a constant outdoor companion since then. This neoprene culottes skirt, on the other hand, is really old (I don’t even remember where it’s from), but it’s the only skirt I only ever seem to wear these days. The head-wrap and sandals, if you haven’t guessed already, are from Forever 21.


My mom then saw these pictures and played instant critic: “You always dress like this; covered shoulders and bare legs!” And her remarks, although unsought sometimes, just gave me a blog post idea. “The Closet Confessional,” anyone? Where we confess our fashion flukes and oddities all for the sake of giggles and nothing else. G? Let me open the conversation then…

1.) I think my shoulders are too manly for my built, so I cover them as much as possible and complement it by wearing skin showing bottoms instead. Flaunt what you want, hide what you don’t; life is simple.

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